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Our team of professional carpet and rug cleaners have all been highly trained in cleaning and stain removal procedures. Their techniques combined with our state of the art machinery and the right chemicals you can be sure to leave your carpets and rugs in our hands safely.


Our cleaning specialists will first visually inspect your carpet, they will then identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results. Before we start to clean the carpet we liaise with the customer to find out if there are any main areas of concern i.e. badly stained or marked areas. We then test the carpets to make sure they are safe to clean. We do this by carrying out a colour and shrinkage test. When all the tests show that we can proceed, we then start with the cleaning process.


Cleaning solutions are then injected deeply into the carpet at high pressure and then are instantly extracted. The method we use is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. This method is recommended by majority of carpet manufacturers.


Drying times do vary, but on average it takes 2-3 hours. You can however walk on the carpet straight away once the cleaning is completed.


Oriental rugs can be made by hand or by machine. Proper fiber identification is extremely necessary in order to clean the rug as thoroughly as possible without damaging the rug.


Our qualified technicians will give them the proper care that they deserve.


Oriental rugs are generally made with natural fibers and dyes, this requires them to be treated with special care using cleaning agents with the correct PH balance to prevent browning, colour fading, discolourations, etc. We also adjust cleaning temperatures and pressures to meet the special requirements of each type of rug. After cleaning, all rugs are dried with proper dehumidification and air movement. Fringes are then cleaned and treated with care to ensure maximum beauty and brightness.


We use a whole line of cleaning agents and stain removers specially formulated to safely and effectively clean more delicate fibers. Due to the complexity of the cleaning process of these rugs most rugs must be brought back to our workshop for cleaning.


The process from pick up to delivery generally takes up to 3 business days.


With a vast array of upholstery fabrics on offer and an even wider range of colours and materials used. Therefore it is extremely important that the correct tests are carried out prior to cleaning to make sure all colours and materials are safe to clean using the hot water extraction method. Once the upholstery has passed these tests.


A pre spray is applied to all areas that require the most attention, this pre spray helps us to not use excessive water and reduces the drying time.


The drying times will be longer for suites where the we had to spend additional time on certain heavily stained areas.


Leather suites, in most cases are cleaned and conditioned by hand and are ready to use immediately after our jobe is completed.


Upholstery cleaning requires great care to accomplish the quality of results you deserve. Our cleaners take great care of your furniture and pride in completing an upholstery clean.


If you are in need of a reliable contract commercial cleaning service look no further than RWE. Our highly trained professional cleaning team is at your service. We use latest state of the art technology and the pricise choice of chemicals to meet your cleaning needs.


We have references from a variety of clients, including Restaurants, Bars, Caf├ęs, Banquetting Suites, Community Halls, Schools, Sports Centres, Warehouses and High Street Businesses such as Estate Agents and Solicitors.


In an emergency cleaning situation, we have proven over and over again to be the number one cleaning service, we will handle the emergence in a timely manner to fit around your business hours to minimise time-loss, so you can get back to your busines in no time.


Our 100% success and customer satisfaction rate gives us the pleasure to serve you in a professional, efficient and effective manner. Call us now to book one of our dedicated customer sales team to give you a visit.


Oriental rugs and kilims have been our passion for many years. We have a highly professional team of weavers who have grown up with this tradition.


As third generation rug experts, we understand rugs very well. Each rug that is brought to us for a repair will be treated with utmost care and attention. We understand what rugs mean to their owners so we treat each rug as if it is our own.


Rugs may be damaged because of things like, high traffic, moth damage, water damage, general wear and so on. Whatever the cause of the damage maybe, you can be sure that our experienced weavers will treat your rug with care and attention to bring it back to its former glory.


When you contact us, one of our experts will meet with you in your own home or in our warehouse to discuss what needs to be done and advise you of different methods of repair. All our repair techniques are traditional and authentic. We do not attach, sew or glue prefabricated fringes. We make fringes from the foundation of the rug. Everything is custom made and done by hand by our expert weavers who work on site.


We can repair anything from a simple fringe work to major restorations. If your rug needs even the smallest repair, we urge you not to put it off as it could lead to major restoration. Our repair pricing is very competitive and we can give you a quote either upon inspection or even with detailed photographs without obligation. Rugs are made to last a long time but they need to be looked after to prolong their life.